Education is not merely a gateway to knowledge, but a cornerstone of the prosperity of a country. In the case of Pakistan, there are many challenges faced by the education system, which hinder the realization of its full potential. There is a need for greater discussion on pertinent issues, as a robust educational framework is pivotal for the progress of our nation. We have, therefore, embarked on a journey to create an education magazine that will help improve the current debate taking place in the country. By addressing both the triumphs and challenges, we strive to be a catalyst for positive change.

Pakistan Education Review (PER) is an education magazine that delves into the intricacies of Pakistan’s education system, with a keen focus on education policy, science & technology, higher education, creativity & innovation, employment, adult literacy, and skill development. The magazine aims to spark thought-provoking discussions and contribute to the ongoing dialogue for improvement in the country’s educational landscape.

Our commitment extends beyond information; it is a pledge to foster informed decisions, inspire critical thinking, and contribute to the enhancement of education in Pakistan. Join us as we navigate the ever- evolving terrain of academia, providing insights and perspectives that contribute to a more up-to-date and empowered education community.

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The PER Editorial Guidelines

PER encourages students, teachers, and industry experts in Pakistan to contribute to our website and quarterly magazine.  Before you submit your article, let’s go through this page to find answers to your questions about:

  1. The article submission principles
  2. The types of content we can and cannot accept
  3. Details of the submission process 
  4. Where to submit your article


The Article Submission Principles

PER cannot guarantee article publication

Our editorial team carefully assesses all articles, considering factors such as how well a topic aligns with our site’s structure and focus areas, its SEO potential, and its relevance to our audience. While we strive to publish the most valuable and pertinent educational content, we cannot guarantee the publication of every article submission. Our evaluation is primarily based on the suitability of our audience and the potential impact of each topic.

For publication, submissions must adhere to our quality standards

PER maintains specific standards for the articles we accept. Editors retain the authority to decline contributions that do not meet our editorial criteria.

The editorial team holds the authority for all final content decisions

This indicates that the PER editorial team has the right to:

  • Edit and modify your content for search optimization, accuracy, comprehensiveness, and updates as needed.
  • Incorporate calls-to-action for PER content and offers, such as downloadable reports and other publications. 
  • Utilize the author’s photo across our content, including PER’s social media channels. 
  • Remove the article from the website. 
Essential requirements for each post we publish

PER has 8 core areas: Education Policy, Science & Technology, School Education, University Education, Creativity & Innovation, Youth Development, Adult Literacy, and Skills Development. 

  • Original ideas, persuasive arguments, and excellent writing are essential. 
  • Submissions must be original and unpublished. 
  • We do not accept articles that have been previously published elsewhere.
  • The articles must be comprehensive, data-rich, analytical, and opinionated.

The Types of Articles We Accept 

The content of the article should be pertinent to the designated focus areas associated with the education sector in Pakistan. The articles must provide readers with in-depth knowledge supported by relevant, recent examples, original quotes, statistics and facts, and up-to-date information.

The Types of Articles We Do Not Accept
  • Avoid submitting articles on topics already covered in our magazine. 
  • Conduct a site search before submitting to ensure originality. 
  • Refrain from submitting content that is offensive, inaccurate, or excessively critical, as this platform is not intended for airing grievances.
  • Ensure that the content aligns with the focus areas of the Education sector in Pakistan.
  • Submissions should contribute positively to the educational discourse in Pakistan, promoting constructive insights and discussions.

Formatting Guidelines 
  • Articles should be within the range of 800-1500 words.
  • Incorporate references through hyperlink citations in your article. Ensure that all references are reliable and relevant to the content.
  • Use American spellings in your article.
  • Submit your article in MS Word.
  • Share a brief introduction about yourself.

Where to Share Your Idea

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If your idea for an article meets our editorial criteria and aligns with our content strategy, we will inform you via email.

We welcome you to submit your work for publication in our quarterly digital magazine. We will showcase the top 3 submissions only. All other articles submitted during the quarter will be published on our website.  

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